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      There are only two ways to get to Fernando de Noronha, from Recife and Natal. It will be necessary to make a stopover at one of these two cities if departing from elsewhere in the country. The flight takes approximately one hour. As an unique ecological sanctuary, Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a large part of the area is a National Marine Park. And it has the most wonderful beaches situated in Pernambuco. Three (Sancho, Porcos and Leão) regularly feature in Brazil’s top beaches list.

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      Day 1 – Fernando de Noronha.

      Arrival in Fernando de Noronha. Transfer from airport to the inn.

      Day 2 – Fernando de Noronha. (B)

      Breakfast. Presentantion talk about the island.

      Historical Walk (03hrs): We’ll walk the streets of Vila dos Remédios, learning about many of the most important historical sites in Fernado de Noronha. The palace of São Miguel, the Church and Fort of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, old homes, prisons, and the Noronha Museum are just some of the relics you’ll encounter as you discover how this region’s past mixes with that of Brazil. We’ll also take a walk down the beaches of Cachorro, Meio and Conceição, stopping in Conceição to cool off with a refreshing dip in the sea.

      Breakfast . The Dolphin Trek (5hrs): We’ll start our day by walking to Mirante da Baía dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Bay Viewpoint), which is about 60 meters (197 feet) above sea level. From here, we’ll have an amazing view to watch the antics of the Spinner Dolphins. These mammals rest and mate in this bay after spending the night feeding at sea. We’ll continue down this trail that follows a footpath along the cliff tops around Baía dos Golfinhos, finally reaching the Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs). Here we’ll enjoy scenic views from the Sancho Beach Viewpoints. We’ll make several more stops to take photographs and watch the seabirds with our first being Sancho Beach for swimming and snorkeling. We’ll continue our trek along other beaches including Baia dos Porcos, Cacimba do Padre and Boldró.

      Day 3 – Fernando de Noronha. (B)

      Breakfast. Island Tour (08hrs): In this trek across the main island of Noronha, you’ll explore all the main beaches, natural pools and viewing points of the archipelago. You’ll see a whole range of local flora and fauna with a stop for swimming and diving in the crystalline waters of one of the island’s many perfect beaches. We’ll take four-wheel-drive vehicles across rough terrain but most of the trip will be hiked by foot along trails and beaches. A beautiful sunset will be the grand finale of our 8 hour day trip exploring this paradise.

      Day 4 – Fernando de Noronha. (B)

      Boat Trip (03hrs): We’ll start our trip at Santo Antônio Port, heading out towards the multitude of smaller, secondary islands, to observe exquisite rock formations and the nests of a sea bird nesting ground. Then we’ll head to the opposite side of the archipelago, passing by gorgeous beaches and tranquil bays. Once we stumble upon our own private corner of paradise, we’ll enjoy three priceless hours of relaxation and swimming.

      Transfer from the inn to the airport.