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      Enjoy best landscapes and learn all about culture of northeast Brazil in this tour of 11 days.

      You will be able to enjoy incredible places, such as the main tourist points of Salvador, the waters of Lençóis Maranhences and also the beautiful beaches of the cities of Fortaleza and Recife.

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      Day 1 – Salvador.

      Arrival in Salvador. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Accomodation.

      Day 2 – Salvador. (B)

      Historical City tour: It begins at Barra’s lighthouse, geographic limit between All Saints Bay and Atlantic Ocean”(stop), Santo Antônio da Barra Church, Vitória Square and Vitória Church, Carlos Costa Pinto Museum, Dois de Julho Square, Castro Alves Theater, São Pedro Fort, Aclamação Palace, Mercês Church and College, Piedade Square, Castro Alves Square, D’Ajuda street and Church, Sé Square, Terreiro de Jesus, Basílica Cathedral, Ordem Terceira de São Francisco Church (stop), Pelourinho Square, Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church (stop), return to the hotel.

      Day 3 – Salvador. (B)

      Leisure on the beach.

      Day 4 – Salvador / Sao Luis. (B)

      Transfer to airport. Arrival in São Luis. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Accomodation.

      In the afternoon City tour in Sao Luis: A trip to the times of colonial Brazil. Its what you’ll live on this tour at the streets of the historical center of São Luis. In addition to the beautiful old center, which contains the most homogeneous collection of secular Portuguese architecture in Latin America, you will visit the two most scanic beaches on the island and learn about local people, legends, and folklore. Cobblestone alleyways, colonial buildings, stairways of stone, and dozens of important historical monuments that preserve the memory of a place that is considered “The City of Tiles and Mansions”. “Projeto Reviver”, that gave life back to a part of the historical center, today is an attractive visit card. The ancient Cânhamo Factory, transformed into a shopping center of the best handcrafting from Maranhão, the theatre, museums. In a short, the fascination and beauty of São Luis, the only Brazilian capital that have not started Portuguese, but French.

      Day 5 – Sao Luis / Barreirinhas (Lencois Maranhenses). (B)

      Transfer to Barreirinhas (3 hours of trip). Accommodation in a Pousada. In the afternoon tour to the natural lakes (formed by rain) and dunes. Evening free.

      Day 6 – Lencois Maranhenses. (B)

      Departure to a tour through the River Preguica with stop for short walk at Alazao, Vassouras, Mandacaru and Cabure. Evening free.

      Day 7 – Lencois Maranhenses / Sao Luis. (B)

      Transfer to Sao Luis. Accomodation.

      Day 8 – Sao Luis / Fortaleza. (B)

      Transfer out. Arrival in Fortaleza. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Accomodation.

      Day 9 – Fortaleza / Recife (Olinda). (B)

      City tour: You’ll experience the full spectrum of the city, from young Fortaleza to old and experience first hand the diversity and beauty of the city’s well maintained historical buildings including: the Metropolitan Cathedral, Central Market, the President Castelo Branco Mausoleum, the Martyr’s Square, the Center of Tourism, the Statue of Iracema, the Beach of Meireles with its famous crafts fair, the beach that shelters the Rafts Harbour of Mucuripe and the famous beach “Praia do Futuro”.

      Transfer out. Arrival in Recife. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Olinda. Accomodation.

      Day 10 – Olinda. (B)

      City tour in Recife & Olinda: In Olinda, we’ll visit Alto da Se, there are the churches of Se and Misericordia. Experience a breathtaking view of the twin cities.  In Carnival, revelers parade down the streets, following after traditional giant puppets like the Homem da Meia-noite (“Midnight Man”). They also join the town’s colorful carnival troupes such as Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos and Elefante. In Recife we will visit the three sectors making up the city center: Recife, Santo Antonio and Boa Vista.  See the bridge of Maurício de Nassau, Praça da Republica (flanked by the Governor’s Palace, Santa Isabel Theatre and the Law Courts) and the Casa da Cultura, a fine building dating back to the 19th century. Originally a prison, today this building is a centre for regional culture, with craft stores and local delicacies for you to indulge in.

      Day 11 – Olinda. (B)

      Transfer out to airport.