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At Personal Brasil Incoming DMC, we believe that sustainability in Tourism is an objective and a path that must take into account the needs of visitors, the sector and communities and their environmental, economic and social impacts in the present and in the future. 

Sustainable Tourism must make proper use of environmental resources, respect the sociocultural authenticity of communities and ensure that economic activities are viable in the long term. 

A sustainable development of Tourism also requires the informed participation of all relevant stakeholders, constant monitoring of its impacts.

We work with suppliers who are aligned with the concepts of Sustainability, and who can provide tourists with an insight into the efforts made in Brazil in relation to sustainability and also show how tourists can help and travel more responsibly:

  • Support the local economy, Respect livelihoods of local artisans by paying a fair price.

  • Respect wildlife and their natural habitats. Animal attractions may imply cruelty.

  • In protected areas, access only the places open to visitors. Do not offer money to locals to discover “no-go areas”.

  • Leave a minimum footprint and a good impression behind.